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josh-yearbook-picOn Friday afternoon January 7, 2000, Joshua Peck passed away from a sudden cardiac arrest in the gym of his school. He was 17 years old and a senior.

After performing in a skit at the school’s pep rally, he changed his clothes and joined the other students to sing the alma mater. He collasped. His basketball coach performed CPR, but was unable to save Josh’s life. No AED was available at the school. Students in grades K -12 witnessed this event, one they remember vividly to this day.

Who was Josh? He was a kind and loving boy who was full of life and fun. He was born in Dover, Delaware, the son of Air Force parents. At age 4, through military orders, he moved to Alconbury AFB, England, at age 8 to Loring AFB, Maine and age 11 to Shaw Air Force Base South Carolina.

Josh was an athlete, he loved all sports, finally settling on basketball as his favorite sport in his junior year of high school. At age 15 he starting working part time at Winn Dixie, a grocery store in South Carolina, where he worked til the day he passed away. He loved children and helped coach the younger children in basketball.

Josh spent many a vacation in Maine, the home State of his mother. He loved Maine and enjoyed visiting with all of his relatives.

Josh had been accepted to Clemson University and the College of Charleston.

In his short life, Josh touched many people. Those people continue to touch the lives of his family. He has great friends who continue to be supportive.

Josh Peck, 6’2, blonde, blue eyed handsome and the picture of health…

Randi Clatchey
Mother of Joshua Peck

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